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Body Slimming

As a proud partner of Dermalogica, we incorporate their renowned skincare expertise into our body slimming services. Dermalogica’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures that you receive the highest standard of care and achieve optimal results. Their trusted products and protocols complement our body slimming treatments, allowing us to provide you with a holistic approach to beauty and wellness.

Hot RF (Radio Frequency):

Our Hot RF treatment harnesses the power of radio frequency energy to stimulate collagen production and promote skin tightening. This non-invasive procedure gently heats the underlying layers of the skin, effectively reducing the appearance of cellulite, tightening loose skin, and improving overall body contours. The result is a smoother, more sculpted appearance in the treated areas.


Microcurrent therapy is a safe and painless treatment that uses low-level electrical currents to stimulate muscle contractions. This helps to tone and tighten targeted areas of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, or arms. Microcurrent technology not only enhances muscle definition but also improves circulation, boosts collagen production, and reduces the appearance of cellulite, leaving you with a firmer and more sculpted physique.

Cold Fat Freezing:

Our Cold Fat Freezing treatment, also known as cryolipolysis, is a non-surgical method of fat reduction that targets stubborn pockets of fat. By applying controlled cooling to specific areas of the body, we can freeze and destroy fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated by the body over time. Cold Fat Freezing is particularly effective in reducing fat bulges in areas such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs, and arms, helping you achieve a more contoured and slimmer silhouette.

Visit our salon today and let our skilled technicians guide you towards the most suitable body slimming treatment for your goals. Experience the transformative power of our services and take a step towards the body you’ve always wanted.